Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

To create account you simply need to go to registration page and enter your email and password:

Next thing you need to provide some information about your business, location and currency. The currency is important because system will use it as primary currency for all billing and invoices

In the next step you need to provide information about your internal domain. This domain will be used by your clients. They will be able to login to their client panels on that page. All the invoices will be also served from your space

In the next step you have to select at least one payment option. The simplest one is a wire transfer option. Your clients will be able to select this payment options to pay for the created invoices. You can change it later.

So the next step is about your billing cycle.

You need to select:

  • - How often your billing sequence will run
  • - On which day of the selected period the billing will be executed
  • - What is payment deadline for all created invoices

Let's now explain you how this billing cycle works so you will understand why we need those information. If you submit simple invoices this is for nothing :) but if you use the system as a billing system that settings are very important. According to above settings every 1st day of every month system will check billing records added to client and create an invoice based on those entry.

if you for example add there:

  • - Tuition $99 - 10th of February
  • - Extra food $14 - 15th of February
  • - A trip to a cinema $29 - 25th of February

At 1st of March system will create an invoice with all those three records with total amount of $143 that needs to be paid by client

Of course as we said before if you create invoices this setting will do nothing, but if you will decide to bill clients during the month and bill the at the end for example this will be perfect for you.

That's it! Your system is ready to rumble!