Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

Our billing system allow you to track the payments for all your billing records and invoices. The payments are important to keep control of overdue payments from your clients

The basic usage of the payment process looks like that

  • - You add things to billing history
  • - The invoice is created with payment deadline
  • - Client pay for the invoice

The client can pay for the invoice in a way you allow. This can be:

  • - Wire transfer
  • - Credit Card
  • - E-payment gateway (dotpay, paypal, etc)

The invoice will be send to client with a link to a website where clients can use one of the provided payment methods like you see below.

The system record all the payments done through the payment gateways like: Credit cards or E-payments. If client decide to pay by wire transfer or by cash you have to add the payment manually by yourself to keep the record up to date

All the recorded payments are in the payment section:

One important thing to know about the payments: If the invoice have a fully or partially unpaid status, the system will be sending reminders and set a negative balance on a user account to help you collect debts.

There are three ways of recording a payment from clients:

Automatic Payment

This payment is created when client pay by himself and use one of the online payment methods like credit card ore-payment

Manual Payment

You can record the payment from client by adding a payment to client. The sytem will record this payment and assign it to unpaid invoices (you should read more about client balance to understand how you can operate with advance payments, etc)

Billing/Invoice payments

You can record a payments for specific invoices or billing records to keep track what was paid on a detailed level. You can also find information about the payments for particular invoices on the invoice details card:

You can also find information about the payments for particular invoices on the invoice details card:

And the billing record is tagged as Fully Paid.

Dealing with partial payments and advance payments

The system handle a partial payments for the invoices. This can be used in multiple situations. You will find description of all the options in a different part of this tutorial. In here I want to show you a situation when your client pay only for half of the invoice

As you see at the above picture a client paid half of the money for the invoice and system records it. The client needs to pay the second half. Billing system will be keeping control over this process Partial payments can be recorded when you add a billing record:

In the example above you're adding a billing record and select the payment status to paid. When you select it you will be able to enter the payment amount. In this scenario a client give you a $99 cash advance payment for a car rental.

As you see here when you submit the invoice you will see that 33% payment was covered for that invoice and client needs to pay $200 more to cover the full amount.

Payment thread

it's important to understand how payment threat works. Let say that you have a client that is not paying you for the last two periods.

What happend when you record a payment? Let say a client did not pay for specific invoice but give you cash or made a wire transfer for $219. let's record this payment:

As you see below the system cover the invoices from the oldest to a youngest one. So invoice 1/03/2021 was covered in full, but the rest of the payment was added to invoice 4/05/2021.

The client still owns you $179. Which you can easily check on client card balance.

Read about balances because they are useful to define how much client overpay you or own you.