Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

When you deal with clients you open them an accounts and simply add billing record to their profile, so you know about the current financial situation with a client. In simple billing system it is simple.

But what if you want to build an other type of agreement with your clients that use prepaid and postpaid plans.

What is balance?

Balance represent a current settlement value with your client. A perfect balance of a client is 0.00 which means that client and you are not owning yourself any money.

  • Negative balance → Client owns you money
  • Positive balance → You own money to client
  • You can find a balance on a client card:

As you see mr. Tom Hanks has a 0.00 balance which means a perfect client condition. What if you will submit an invoice to mr. Hanks that needs to be paid:

As you see a negative balance appears. That means that invoice was submitted but Mr. Hanks did not pay for it yet. When Mr. Tom hanks will pay for the invoice the balance will get back to 0:

The system will notify you that this task is assign under condition of accepting it by the driver. He receive this question this way:

Use Balance for prepaid

A balance option can be used for handling prepaid models. Let us say that you offer a client service with some limit. He pays upfront $1000 and he can use it for services you offer. You simply records that payment as advance payment or prepaid payment

And then you can see that a client balance is now $1000

What happen if you add a billing record or invoice record, the system will takes the money from balance to cover the payments

this way until balance will be used all the generated invoices will have a full paid status: