Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

Cycles are very important party of the billing system. With help of cycles you can automate automatic billing of your clients for recurring payments.

For example, invoicing clients for regular rentals, school tuitions, membership fees and more.

How cycle work:

They simply add a record to your billing history and based on that invoice is created and send to a client every month (or any period you require) In simpler words: It allows to send regular invoices to clients. Cycle is an agreement between you and a client for regular invoicing

Look at the example above. When you add a cycle you simply choose:

  • - A client name
  • - A sub-client (optional)

Next you need to select a service name, in this example it's monthly tuition.

You define a price.

And finally you set a repeating cycle.

Repeating cycle is simply an information how often you will charge your client. You're able to charge him daily, weekly, monthly or annually

In the case above we choose monthly repeat cycle. What does it means?

It means that every 5th of a month a billing record name "Monthly tuition" with value of $199 will be added to billing record and then invoice will be created

Cycle time range allows you to define what is a starting and finishing date of automatic charging. This can be your contract terms. For example if you have a one year contract you can set the dates here. You can also choose Indefinitely cycle which will be working until you turn it of manually